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Over the years we learned that customers were generally unhappy with the quality of their prints. So when we decided to offer printing and framing together, we knew we had to print in Digital C.

Most prints you get online use an inkjet, which prints tiny dots of ink close enough together to form your image. But these fade over time, and if you look close enough, you can often see the dots. Digital C, on the other hand, develops your photo. Lasers expose old school photographic paper to your digital image. We then develop your photo just like in a darkroom. The result is full continuous tone prints with exceptionally sharp image detail that lasts for a lifetime.

We print exclusively on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper using a Noritsu Digital C printer, both designed to produce only the highest-quality archival prints. In New York City, our prints alone would retail for $10 to $25. We offer them here for much less, and for free with purchase of any frame.

If you want to learn more about Digital C and how it compares to inkjet, here’s a blog post we put together with more information.

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