Hello, world. Welcome to the Frameology blog.

Frameology is a new company built on a long history, but we won’t talk about that here. (In case you are interested, you can read about it via this link.) Instead, we want to talk a little bit about WHY we are here.

Frameology exists because of a belief - that people and experiences are the things that make us truly happy. While moments pass, memories are the things we keep forever. Framing is our small way of helping people to focus on them. Photography captures our memories in frozen instants. Framed photographs bring our memories to life, presents them, gives them importance. Framing has the power to create and share meaning.

Creating and sharing meaning is the reason behind Frameology. To that end, this blog is a place where we plan to share our many ideas about the subject. We also plan to use this forum to tell the stories of the people and things that inspire us.