Everybody loves to look at beautiful homes. In honor of summer, we’ve compiled fifteen beautiful summer homes in an array of styles that will make you drool. 

Spain beach home

1. This two floor home in Ambola, Spain has understated elegance. The minimalistic architecture and design let the views do the talking.

Image credit: Ramon Esteve Studio

Nantucket home, porch

2. This home in Nantucket takes on a more traditional style. They maintain a summery vibe by incorporating beachy colors like blues and whites into their decor, as well as by taking advantage of natural light.

Image credit: John Bessler

Austin, TX home

3. This home in Austin, Texas is incredibly bright thanks to its amazing windows and light interiors.

Image credit: Huffington Post

Beach home

4. This beach home has a muted decor with all white decor to let the clear skies outside do the talking.

Image credit: Huffington Post

East Quogue home, windows, pool

5. This beauty in East Quogue, New York takes on the environment by making the inside feel like the outside with the wall-to-wall windows.

Image credit: Edge Media Productions

England lake house

6. This beautiful lake home in Gloucestershire in South West England is literally surrounded by nature. The designers reflect the outside indoors by incorporating naturally finished woods, a lot of texture, and cool neutral tones

Image credit: freshome.com

Californian Home

7. The owners of this Southern California home integrated bright colors into the decor. Not only are the neons whimsical and fun, but they are also very reminiscent of summer.

Image Credit: California Home + Design

Rustic georgia lake house

8. This lake house in Georgia screams countryside with rustic details from corner to corner.

Image credit: Harry Norman Realtors

Costa Rica House

9. This beach home in Costa Rica takes inspiration from ships with its wooden structures and interesting architecture.

Image credit: Edge Media Productions

Naples mansion, living room

10. This waterfront beach home in Naples, Florida is an updated version of an old world style.

Image credit: John R. Wood Properties

beach home kitchen, blue

11. This pops of aqua blue in this kitchen make the decor very relaxing. What more could you want from your summer home?

Image credit: Atlantic Archives

pastel traditional living room

12. The light pastels make the home cheery and bright despite the traditional style of the decor.

Image credit: Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Beach house living room

13. By keeping the colors of this room in the same family as the beach outside, the room blends almost seamlessly with the view.

Image credit: Andrew Howard Interior Design

Martha Stewart Maine home

14. Martha Stewart’s stunning Maine getaway modernizes some of the antique pieces (like these tufted chairs) by adding fresh and unexpected greenery.

Image credit: Architectural Digest

Provence home living room

15. This home in Provence, France incorporates traditional French countryside style with patterned upholstery, touches of blue and white, and gold details.

Image credit: Manuel Zublena